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About annstone
Hi all,

I'm Ann Stone one of your auctioneers. I live in Florida and have owned Boxers since 1960. For many of those years I've also owned Min Pins, great little dogs who compliment the Boxers nicely.

Currently I have Wendy, a rescue Boxer from Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue (GOBR). Should you be looking for a Boxer in Ohio, I can't recommend GOBR enough. They're great people to work with.

Wendy is a flashy fawn with a loving disposition. She tends to be a little skittish but that's our fault. We live on 5 acres and she rarely gets to see anyone but us. If you aren't familiar with the word "flash", it means she has white on her face and legs. A Boxer is either flashy or classic depending on the amount of white. Whether there is enough to be called flashy is strictly in the eye of the beholder.

I also have Mitzi the Min Pin and she's black and tan. At 9 1/2 years we are still waiting for her to outgrow her tendency to destroy something when left alone. Actually she isn't that bad, I just feel safer with her in a crate when we're gone. I would hate for Wendy to step on her. Mitzi is head dog here.

I'm married to Bill. I'm retired, or at least I was until we took on the Boxer Rescue Foundation. Now I work full time with an annual salary of $0. You can tell I love it or I wouldn't work for that amount.

Have a great day, bid now and bid often.


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